I was once a professional photographer who blogged every thought and feeling and event and place I came across. I was also working as a Negotiator for the government in Australia, and after, I had an amazing job as the Global Brand Protection Manager at Twitter. I left life behind a desk and opened my dream space- an art gallery and vintage shop which was wild and crazy and taught me more than I expected.  Running the shop became more and more unsustainable and less joyful, and a friend made me an offer I couldn't refuse: partnering in an events company where I could be the Creative Director. After starting three companies alone, having a partnership with another passionate person was the greatest relief, and almost four years later, has proven to be the best idea of them all. I've grown up, become a mother, still get to be an artist, and have time for important things like joining a nonprofit which is dear to me. 

Over the last few years I've reflected on where I fit into the new internet landscape. I no longer felt comfortable sharing the intricacies of my most personal and precious moments, opting to share with the few special people I spend my real life with. Eventually, having a website for my photography or the shop which had closed years ago seemed wasteful, though I'm proud of those businesses and both the work and play that went into each. I'm also proud of the new projects I've undertaken, and of my art which is always evolving. For now, this site will serve as a home for all of it, and I'm sure many new projects in the future. 

In short, a portfolio of me: the always creative, always hard-working entrepreneur of sorts, who has a Masters in International Relations and had some pretty amazing careers but managed to also be a photographer, an artist, a shop owner, and now a planner and board member. Oh yeah, and a really great mother and partner and friend <3.