Once upon a time I fought with my art teacher who told me that my art was "wrong". I protested and proved that I didn't need his approval- my best friend made me business cards and silk screened t-shirts and I was in business. I painted windows of all of our local shops, I commissioned sketches of children for parents, I painted elaborate murals in countless bedrooms and stores. I was 17. I moved to California and set up at markets by the beach with a real business permit, selling large paintings while still painting murals and windows locally. Eventually I was an adult having art shows in shops in Western Australia and later back in California. My medium evolved, and my last show (for now) was in my very own gallery, Electric Blanket. I can't imagine a life where I'm not making art in some way, and now enjoy making art regularly with my toddler while I work on carving out time to work on special projects every day again.  

In 2015 I began a project of 365 days of art and made it past 300 before I paused on "CONTRACTIONS" as I was in labor. Here are a some from that series: