Morgan invited me to her Valentines art sale on the stoop of her house and I asked if she had a flier. A few days later she brought these amazing little pieces of paper, typewritten and hand cut with adorable images from her zine. Already smitten with the sketches, my ears perked: zine, you say? 


A few days later again, the zine appeared. Excerpts from her diary about her obsession with James, her first grade crush, are copied alongside modern illustrations to match her gush. 

After my heart melted a few times with the warmth of innocent love that all romantics will identify with through the ages, no matter how old, I convinced Morgan to bring a few in for the shelves. 

A perfect Valentines present for those of us who both puke at and then secretly take small stock in the non-holiday, as it is. Find them in our fridge for $5- the exact max budget I recommend for Valentines Day.

(and if you're looking for more/other handmade Valentines, Morgan's Stoopid Love Art Saleis on Feb 14 at the stoop of 866 Haight Street from 5pm.) Go!