Spring came and left us and I took some photos that I never found time to scan and upload and then get out. It was a crazy few months and I learned what seemed like a whole bachelors degree in shopkeeping. So before it becomes autumn, I figure it's time to catch up a bit. 

In April we hosted the celebration of Episoda Magazine, the CCA senior project of Dylan Rupert. Collaborating with artists and writers from around the country, Dylan made the slickest, most professional little magazine in town. As she explained the project to me, all I could think was: 1. This is exactly what Electric Blanket is about, and exactly what we want to be a part of and 2. Holy motivated, I rarely meet people this together. Dylan continued to impress, and the launch celebration was a success. We're excited to have some issues stocked in the store (in the fridge, in fact).

And a few weeks later, we had our first official non-takeaway mishmash of friends family dinner, hosted by Megan Yip. Megan seriously cooked seven courses for 10 people. Like, by herself. Alone. In a kitchen. And then she delivered it all to the store despite city parking challenges. And the most insane part was that she was HAPPY and cool and not even a little bit stressed for a second. The food was amazing, better than any restaurant, and there was rarely a moment when the room wasn't filled with laughter. It was exactly how our first real family dinner should have been. We're super grateful to Megan and look forward to more following her journeys as a pastry student

And last, Life. The store was filled with life this spring. There was rarely a quiet moment, hence why you haven't heard from me. We've made a trillion shop friends from all around the world. Our bright colors have spilled out onto the street and people have noticed. We've had unreal press without even asking for it. It's been a whirlwind of fun. To close, here are some photos of a quick visit from some Australian and Danish friends in the shop. And you can expect more updates soon. Very soon!