This could be a post about how in the last five months I've had no time at all- not even five seconds to organize the events I wanted to, or make art like I planned to, or delve into the many projects I intended to- because running a shop is practically impossible as a solo owner, or at least it's seemed that way. It's thrilling, it's exactly where I'm supposed to be, but it's a time manipulator, because hours turn into days into weeks into months and somehow, I still never got that last blog post out or managed to figure out how to find more time for events. BUT! BUT... this is actually a post about ALEXANDRA JANE WILLIAMS and her magnificent art which will be adorning our walls starting June 27th. SO EXCITING. 

Alexandra strolled into the store a few (months?) ago and after chatting, we swapped zines (hers is actually a book I'll write more about later)- and in short, I fell in love with her work and knew it was just exactly what we needed next. It reminded me of my work but also totally different, which felt like the perfect transition. The only thing that makes taking my work off the wall ok is knowing that hers will be taking its place.  

COME, visit, explore. Join us on June 27th at 6pm to celebrate the launch of Alexandra's exhibition, TIME KILLS.  A bit more about the exhibition and Alexandra are below.




For me, making collages is a way of passing time.  It’s a form of documentation in some ways, but more than that, it is a spontaneous arrangement of elements within a deliberate act of creating.  I enjoy the physical act of cutting out small shapes and images, as well as the process of looking through material and finding themes that emerge.  I tend to go through a lot of paper goods at once and cut out whatever seems compelling, then I sort the images by their content and begin arranging them into their new forms.  I try not to overthink the final product too much, but rather go with what feels right in the moment.  The time spent on each work ranges from 20  minutes to a few hours, but most were completed on the day they were started.  I enjoy looking at old things, particularly paper and materials that age well such as wood and leather. Time destroys these things (as with most things), but in the process they take on many, often beautiful, forms. 

Alexandra Jane Williams is a bookbinder, artist and general maker of things based out of San Francisco.  She works doing print production for Chronicle Books and is the Volunteer Coordinator at the American Bookbinder’s Museum.