There Is a Space!



I went to a ...Reader early this year. She didn't tell my future but she contextualized some things that were apparently a part of my story and my journey. She told me many things, but the part that stuck out and didn't make sense was this whole "you're going to be a part of a community" thing. A group of people who gather around a "collective vision" a gang of eccentric people who all choose to be here, to indulge in creativity. To make it happen, I'd have to pursue the unknown, run towards my fears, throw caution to the wind, take risks and make mistakes.   

What this meant I had no idea. She said it wasn't photography, but something else creative- bigger- bigger than I had thought possible. I threw this aside and forgot all about it in the midst of the chaos of life and only after I had decided in the form of what seemed like an epiphany that I needed to build Electric Blanket did I remember this part of the reading and went back to listen to the recording. This was it. It wasn't someone else's vision or community that I'd tack myself on to, which at the time I thought could be the only thing (I also remember thinking that what she described was a cult, what a load of shit...)- but rather that organically, all of it would fall into place and the creative community would actually happen.

Only, to find a space and a loan and actually put it together while working two full time jobs and trying to make art... it was a task like nothing I had ever tackled. 

And so by stroke of half miracle and half bold eastern European taurus determination, I set out to make it happen. In the last few months of silence I've been full force at multitasking while falling in love with a man and a kitten, set on turning a dream into reality. There were no available spaces in the city that were right, even if I let go of all of my standards and expectations. Then one day I saw a space pop up and sent it to my boyfriend who replied "call them- now." Twenty minutes later I was looking at the space, and exactly one month and a lot of intensity later I was signing on the dotted line and picking up keys. It's happening. There's a space. Oh my god, guys, THERE IS A SPACE! 



I promised that one day there would be a space where your insides could be exposed without fear of contamination, where you'll likely still be judged, but who the fuck cares. And now there is. It's at 17th and Folsom in the Mission, and it's going to be the most electric art gallery meets vintage meets community creative event space this city has seen. We're going to paint the town yellow and red and salmon and taxidermy will come and play, kittens will roam and we'll dance the foxtrot with skeletons in pretty dresses.  





In approximately ten days Electric Blanket becomes my full time job and work commences to make the space ours.  The collective wheels have been turning. Expect some things to happen this year and a real opening sometime in the next few months. I can't wait to share it all with you.