I am a passionate, organized, colorful curator, creator, communicator, problem solver

With a background in both tech and the arts, I have founded several companies and managed all facets of business operations, including marketing, creative, sales, finance, HR and legal. As one of the earliest Twitter employees, I helped scale the company from 25 to 3,000+, protecting and representing the Twitter brand and culture. I love challenges and learning, growing and both building and being a part of a team.

Some career highlights:

Creative Director, Curator, FOUNDER: Electric Blanket LLC

Following through on a lifelong dream, I founded and managed a successful conceptual art space in San Francisco which was part art gallery, vintage clothing shop, and community arts experience through mixed media installations. Awarded for “Best Concept Shop”, Electric Blanket was voted Best in the Bay for Style, 2014. From business plan, attainment of a business loan, lease negotiation, planning and executing of all aspects of the business, Electric Blanket was an incredible project and education. As sole owner, I oversaw hiring, procurement and management of inventory, payroll, curation of art, artist and events. Learn more here.

Global Brand Protection Manager: Twitter

As one of the first 25 employees and first member of the Twitter legal team, I helped identify areas where I could be most useful and delved in, multitasking and learning along the way. During a time of hypergrowth, I helped create policy, project managed our change of logo, and on-boarded new brands following acquisitions. With no marketing team for the majority of my almost five years at the company, I managed and protected all use of the Twitter brands, trademarks and domains around the world, negotiating with both the public and internal and external stakeholders. With the unique position of part marketing, part internal communications, and part legal operations, I managed outside counsel and worked with teams and executive staff to identify and execute on brand priorities. Our team was awarded Best Trademark Team by World Trademark Review, 2013. Leaving Twitter was the most difficult career decision I’ve ever made, but I’ve had the joy of staying a part of the Twitter family for now over a decade.

Creative Director, Co-Founder: Recess Events

At Recess, I can be found organizing and project managing the intricacies of corporate events in the Bay Area, including creation of personalized, large scale art installations. I’m responsible for managing vendors, contract negotiation, legal and financial aspects of the business in addition to creative direction. My time at Recess has allowed me to stay creative and keep my feet in business development, operations, and communications while having maximum flexibility as I helped grow my family.

Negotiator: Government of Western Australia

After completing my Masters in International Relations in Western Australia, I managed a variety of culturally sensitive projects within different State Government departments to enable Government infrastructure plans to proceed with respect to both the law and historical Native land rights. Major projects included Aboriginal land use negotiations, drafting new legislation, and formally closing a ghost town contaminated with asbestos.

Lead Photographer, Founder: LITTLE BAT PHOTOGRAPHY

For nearly a decade I spent my weekends and spare moments moonlighting as a professional photographer and managing all of the business needs, such as advertising and marketing, contract management, communications, LLC establishment, trademark management, website design and maintenance, tax preparation, and hiring and managing staff. I can still always be found with a camera nearby, but now spend my weekends with friends and family doing things I love and finding balance.

Some other fun background:

  • I once interned at Future Directions International, a bi-partisan national policy think tank in Western Australia doing research, writing and editing.

  • I am extremely passionate about women’s reproductive freedom and the care women and birthing people receive during and after their pregnancies. I’m proud to Chair the Pacifica Family Fund, which aims to provide access to safe and healthy birthing options for all.

  • One of my favorite jobs after finishing my undergrad in Law & Society was working in the Press Office for the Crown Prosecution Service in London. Supporting a tiny team of incredible Press Officers, I learned how to grow relationships between government, press and police so that sensitive cases were reported accurately and quickly.

  • I have shown my own art in over a dozen shops and galleries, and even the Art Gallery of Western Australia, the State’s art museum.

  • I waitressed for all four years of high school and all four of my undergrad, which is maybe where I first developed my ability to be a diplomatic people-person, leading to careers where I manage demanding clients with high expectations, even in awkward and challenging situations.

  • I’m not a big celebrity fanatic, but early Twitter days meant I photographed visits from Lady Gaga, Kanye, Conan, Adam Savage, the Presidents of Russia and Turkey, Priyanka Chopra, Schwarzenegger, Newsom, and some other really awesome guests.