There was a time when I would have quietly mocked the concept of a "hippie home birth" or those crazy women who wanted to labor in a bath without drugs. Then I listened to a dear friend tell every detail of her very beautiful and intimate (and also crazy) home birth with midwives, and I understood how natural and instinctual the process of giving birth (usually) is.  I was still years away from even considering having children when I sat across a table from Ricki Lake while she talked about birthing choices, and started to learn more about how interference and intervention often led to complications and more challenges in giving birth, especially for women of color.  

When it came time to start considering what was right for me, I quickly fell in love with Pacifica Family Maternity Center in Berkeley, CA. Through every single month of my pregnancy, I received personalized and attentive prenatal care based around informed consent from a team of dedicated midwives. When it came time for labor, I wasn't given deadlines or ultimatums or stressful machines or strangers telling me what to do or what was right for me. I was given space and time and guidance from strong and powerful women who I had grown to admire over the course of my pregnancy. It was a long and terrible labor, but I couldn't have been more grateful that I was able to experience it in a comfortable, supportive, and most of all, safe environment. 

While a hospital birth may be the right choice for many families (and in some cases, the only or the safest way), having choices about where and how birth is approached is something that has become very important to me. I want to help make sure those choices are available for all families, not just those who have privilege and flexible insurance.  

In 2017, I started volunteering for the newly created Pacifica Family Fund, and was named Chair of the Board of Directors in 2018. The Pacifica Family Fund is a non-profit organization which helps provide access to safe midwifery care and birthing choices for families with lower income.  

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